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Nazizi to release a blazing new single with comedian padi wubonn

Nazizi set to release her new single this coming friday 22/03 #noshida with comedian song  man Padi Wubonn. Subscribe to her channel NAZIZI HIRJI to be the first in line when it drops.


Necessary Noize are poised to bring back some tunes this year. Spotted at Herbal, the 2 have been working on some things which includes Nazizi solo album as well, and 2019 is definitely having some Necessary Noize

Curtains close to a big mentor

The world said goodbye to one of their greatest Tanzanian media heads Ruge Mutahaba last week at age 49 of a kidney failure. He was the name behind many of the famous Tanzanian musicians and the founder of Tanzania House of Talent. May his soul rest in eternal Peace

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