Herbal Records has been in business for the past 13 years as a recording studio and until recently a record label. Started in 2002, it has helped in nurturing talent from all over the globe and mostly in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. From its humble beginnings it has made sure to keep its word towards achieving international standards and with its recent upgrades, it is surely a studio worth exploring. In the music industry, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the industry’s nest including internationally acclaimed artists like multi- award winning Wyre (KE), Ever talented award artist Alaine (Jamaica), top Beta nominee and multi award winning Petersen Zagaze (Zambia), The queen of Afro Lady Jaydee (Tanzania), the tantalising award winning Gal Level (Namibia), the soul master Ed Vallance(USA) amongst others. On its corporate, Herbal Records has maintained its top quality at all times, delivering only the best that clientele would require, with its most recent being Carnivore Restaurant, A Tamarind Restaurant Ltd subsidiary., and USIU-Africa Young Alumni Network

Alaine 10 of hearts Album Launch

Kyraz All Set to Make A Comeback

Ingen Maskin (No Machine)

The Latest Buzz

Dan Aceda

Set to to have a worldwide release featuring Etana which is set to take the world by storm


New release alert, this 17th April, da'Vida the apprentice featuring the Bandit #handa #anotheronefromtheherbalist

Another One From The Herbalist

The Herbalist gives a scoop of what he has been working on the past year, surprise artist back in the industry

Mark Ephraim

"Ingen Maskin" wins award, produced by legendary mix engineer Mark Ephraim with guest Trombonist, the Herbalist

Kaufela (Zambia), Wyre(KE) & Yung Mulo (UG)

The Three giants are set to release a "mard chune" this easter season...


All manner of audio recording both in studio as well as outdoor. Quality is key
Sound engineering & post production as well as live engineering at its best for the very best.
Visual both for entertainment as well as educational

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